Monday, February 11, 2008

expansion update

i spent some of today working on updates to my website ( my mother is my website designer, but since she got sick i have been meticulously writing and formatting all of the content changes to make it easier for her. i'm so grateful that she has the skills she does and wants to work on my site.
i'm expanding my practice to include feng shui, which i've practiced for the last eight years, as well as to serve clients in all fifty states. the really exciting part, however, is also creating a new arm of my business focused solely on community service. i'll be putting the first 10% of all of my profits into a program in service of marginalized families. i'm currently developing the details, and i expect to be able to launch it in the next year, perhaps soon.
it's funny how the things one longs to do all one's life begin falling into place after a direction is chosen. landscape and permaculture design have offered me a vehicle to channel more of my interests together. this should be an exciting and invigorating year. i'm going to stick it out as vice president of acs ( and until my term is up in may and then focus on my project partnership. ( i've designed a kit for our fundraising project that i'm enthusiastic will offer simple ways for people to get involved and learn. acs should be an adequate vehicle for the work i want to do with the marginalized communities in and around portland. if it folds i will find a way to pursue the project via reserving 10% of my profits. there are several models in my head about how to do this. StumbleUpon

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome to Eco-Logic's blog!

Welcome to Eco-Logic's (pronounced EE-KO-LAH-JIK) blog! Here you can find updates on my activities in the community and tips related to your landscape. Please feel free to leave a comment.
2007 was a busy year, including volunteering as garden designer and co-supervisor with Tim Hahn for Buckman's After School Program, hosting Seed Bomb workshops for the Village Building Convergence, joining the American Center for Sustainability's Board of Directors as Vice President, and deciding to expand Eco-Logic to serve clients on a national scale!
National Expansion update: My web designer ( is making updates to create a user-friendly site that will allow me to work with clients in all 50 states. I am very excited about this. The technology is efficient & easy to use, and my 15 months of experience serving clients in other states has me eager to present Eco-Logic to California and beyond. Check it out soon at or email me at if you have questions prior to site changes being up.
American Center for Sustainability (ACS) update: I have a project partnership proposal in the works to addresses the needs of marginalized families through Permaculture. If you aren't familiar with this ecological gardening system, you can read about it on my website or email me with questions, and I'll be happy to answer them! I am also really excited about this project and will update you via this blog when ACS is ready to accept project partnership proposals.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll come back!
:) Jadene StumbleUpon