Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Green Way to Increase Property Value

With the housing market the way it is, homeowners who want to sell need ways to get the most from the sale of their property while boosting its allure compared to other homes on the market so that it sells. Buyers can also have long-term value for their investment if the home's landscape is professionally designed by an ecological company. The homeowner can benefit from a greatly enhanced appearance to their home and an up to fifteen percent (15%) increase in the value of the property.
So here's how you, the homeowner, can maximize your property's resale value while getting the satisfaction of contributing to a healthier environment. First, learn what it means to be 'green' and choose a designer who knows how to maximize results for a minimum of action. That saves you money.
In choosing a landscape design company, look for one with relationships with green-minded construction companies, or 'builders.' A builder who understands the Permaculture point of view and doesn't try to convince you to veer away from the designer's plan will be a lot less costly, because you won't be charged for unnecessary tasks such as soil tilling. Look for a builder who has a partnership with a green design company, if not with the one who did your design then preferably with another design company that specializes in Permaculture or ecological design. Avoid a general contractor, as they will charge you much more to cover their own overhead costs than will a landscape contractor. Landscape contractor's also are able to install more than a general contractor, who has to sub-contract a landscape contractor to do your project properly, adding further to your cost.
A design by a professional Landscape Designer is a worthwhile investment in your property's value and the success of your landscape. Designers vary in experience and training, so research their background experience and schooling, and ask questions. Be prepared to pay a qualified professional for their services; many less highly-trained designers hook new clients by visiting a site for free, knowing the client will not be able to do anything significant or meaningful with the notes they get from the initial meeting. Once you understand what goes into a professionally designed landscape, you will want to have a designer on your project who charges what she or he is worth, so that you do not have to go back and redo mistakes you got a 'deal' on.
Do your homework, go with your gut - a friendly attitude and a responsiveness to your queries are important, and go green with an ecologically-focused design company. Your property will be beautiful and bring in more than if you go with tradtional 'ornamental' design and build service providers. StumbleUpon

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