Ecological Restoration Projects & Community Service

Community Ecological Restoration Work

When resources allow, Eco-Logic creates restoration programs in service to the local community. Free workshops and donations of materials, consultation, labor, and other gifts to the community are funded out-of-pocket or by donations from individuals or groups who wish to support ecological restoration and education projects to under served populations.

Past community service projects have included:
-Village Building Convergence Restoration Seed Bombs Workshop
-After School Gardening Program Native Plant Garden
-Creek Restoration

Future community service projects:
-Permaculture Gardens for Low-Income Residents
-River Restoration Kids' Workshop
-Restoration Seed Bombs In Action Workshops

You can make a donation to GIVE THIS WORK WINGS.

Any amount is appreciated,
and here are some materials costs-based
Suggested Donations for Specific Restoration Projects:
Guild Kits.....$100
Seed Bomb Packages.....$50
Seed Bomb Recipes with Instructions.....$25
Herb Spiral (Includes Materials & Installation).....$250

For further information about these projects, visit our products page.

Do you know about a family in your community struggling to feed itself?
A creek in your neighborhood that doesn't look natural?
A community center in need of planters or lowered landscape maintenance costs?
Please write in and share your input or questions.
We want to hear about your project ideas and needs.